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According to researchers, the insurance industry is lagging behind with regard to business-critical infrastructure quality and digitalization. This is a burden on the daily operations that serve and interact with customers. With today’s economical speed in a highly competitive industry, investments for the coming years should support a strategic choice for the customer.


Customers demand your guidance

Today the customer values reliability as the key argument to join or stay with an insurer. Demonstrating reliability in the insurance industry is quite a challenge as the customer is directly emotionally involved. So what does the customer eventually mean by reliability?

  • Take away my ‘pain’ ASAP, especially in high-stress times
  • Be transparent and accurate: I want to know what I’m paying for
  • Guarantee me that I won’t be confronted with any unpleasant surprise
  • Communicate with me clearly, in a timely manner, and through the channels I prefer

For bringing the insurance industry to today’s standards, the biggest responsibility in terms of work and investments lies with IT. And the stakes are high. Except for requirements from the customer, IT also needs to deal with those from management (cost reduction, future-proof readiness) and business colleagues (work efficiency, customer experience enablement). And guess what, it is possible!

„Customer Experience is not another task, it’s a strategic choice made by winners”

How to successfully handle this multi-challenge responsibility?

With Scriptura Engage you can reassure a faster time-to-market, offer improved customer service quality, generate structural cost reduction and look forward to new critical technology investments, all for the benefit of both the external and internal customer.
Our advice :

  • Speed up contract handling: make contract and communication composition less IT-dependent.
  • Work with multichannel delivery for contracts, documents and other communications.
  • Make your customers and agents mobile
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„Thanks to Scriptura Engage the IT department can reinvent itself and focus on the future.”

Standardize, and create flexibility

Dismiss manual inefficiencies by creating templates with the Document Designer. One template for multiple brands in multiple languages. Guarantee your customer the accuracy they deserve.

Personalize, and keep efficiency

With Interactive Document Assembly you can add a professional customized touch to your communications and contracts, protected with management approval flows. Each customer is different and has other requirements. Guarantee your customers the intimacy and efficiency they deserve.

Digitalize, and guarantee accuracy

Give your customers the best online & mobile experience with our Multichannel Delivery. Send communications through the channel(s) of their preference, give access to their contracts, claim forms, file updates and reports, interactive graphics, anywhere & anytime. Guarantee your customers the flexibility they deserve.

„Focus must be set on qualitative and fast support for customers in high-stress situations.”

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Operation work frame

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