Scriptura Engage helps insurance companies to improve customer experience and engagement by providing one central platform for personalized communications. We enable the transition to digital, resulting in a cost reduction and a more agile organization.”

Key Pains We Help You Solve

  • Replace many systems with one
  • Leverage legacy systems to become digital first
  • Empower business users to make changes to templates
  • Present a clear overview of all communications per customer
  • Deliver personalized communications via the preferred channel

Some Things Scriptura Engage Can Do For You

  • Client onboarding
  • Welcome packages
  • Interactive and personalized quote creation
  • Dynamic reports
  • Personalized correspondence

Speed Up Digital Transformation

Insurance is one of the most paper-intensive industries in the world. A digital transformation is needed to increase agility and meet and exceed ever increasing customer expectations. Scriptura Engage was designed from the ground up with true digital output in mind. The platform integrates with your legacy IT systems, and scales as the needs of your enterprise change.

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“We want to be digital first!”

“We have a huge ICT dependency for making changes to document templates.”

“We have too many systems to produce correspondence.”

“Our time-to-market needs to improve significantly!”

“Easy integration with our legacy systems is a must!”

“I have no way to personalize my proposals.”

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Empower Your Business Users

Provide your business users with the tools to create personalized quotes, proposals, and claims while simultaneously reducing their reliance on scarce IT resources. Customize and automate each step of the way, from data gathering to document design to creation to delivery. Put personalized, compliant policies in the hands of your agents or brokers in a fraction of the time. Cost is reduced and time-to-market is sped up dramatically.

ROI Results At One Of Our Insurance Customers

Icon that represents the possibility to save money in less than a year

Payback period < 1 year

Icon that represents the benefit of reducing development time by 70%

Reduce development time by 70%

Icon that represents the process to create contracts 65% faster

Policies created 50% faster

Icon that represents a satisfied group of people

Customer satisfaction rate 95%

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Increase Agility and Compliance

A central dashboard displays all relevant data, job details, and vital statistics about your communications. Analyze customer feedback to provide personal, interactive, and relevant communications, and eliminate ineffective channels. Tracking, combined with the ability to easily manage content and user access based on business rules you set, gives you a powerful way to maintain compliance with ever increasing regulations.


Improve Customer Experience

Create highly personalized offers, proposals, and other correspondence and deliver them to customers in their language using their preferred channel. Emphasize brand recognition and consistency throughout your enterprise communications. Customize templates using a single design platform, reduce IT reliance and improve customer satisfaction.

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Mobile Matters

Mobile communication has become a necessary basic functionality for engaging with new generation customers. Embrace the multichannel strategy by delivering interactive mobile communications – without the need for programming. Capture data and securely push personalized notifications to your customers through a channel they use every day.


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