Scriptura Engage helps government institutions design, create, and deliver personalized and regulatory compliant communications across all channels. This results in increased government agility and a decrease in cost, while delivering better services to its citizens.”

Key Pains We Help You Solve

  • A clear overview of all communications per citizen
  • Replace many systems with one
  • Leverage legacy systems to become digital first
  • Empower business users to make changes to templates
  • Create self-service applications for better service

Some Things Scriptura Engage Can Do For You

  • Tax statements
  • Pension documents
  • Personalized forms
  • Notifications
  • Personalized correspondence
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Deliver A Better Service

Engage your citizens by delivering personalized communications in their primary language. Provide digital channels that allow the public to download information themselves. Capture data and securely push communications to the public using interactive mobile applications.

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Do You Feel the Pain?

Profile-picture-Herbert - Scriptura Engage

“We need to support 7 languages for all communications.”

Profile-picture-Christophe - Scriptura Engage

“We have too many systems producing correspondence.”

Profile-Picture-Charlotte - Scriptura Engage
“We have a huge ICT dependency for making changes to document templates.”
Profile-picture-Bruno - Scriptura Engage

“We want to be digital first!”

Profile-picture-Waldek - Scriptura Engage

“I have no idea how many templates we currently use.”

Profile-picture-Kris - Scriptura Engage

“Easy integration with our legacy systems is a must!”

Having the same challenges and looking for a way to solve them?

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Streamline and Automate Communications

There are many different agencies handling a variety of information relating to taxes, pensions, employment practices, reports, and much more. Many require information from multiple departments for creation and delivery. Integrate multiple data sources through a single central communications center to eliminate redundancy and duplication.

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ROI Results At One Of Our Government Customers

ROI-reduce-templates-Scriptura-Government-300x300 - Scriptura Engage

From 149 templates to 19

ROI-Reduce-Development-icon-1-300x300 - Scriptura Engage

Reduce development time by 70%

ROI-22-countries-worldwide-Icon-Scriptura-Government-300x300 - Scriptura Engage

Communications in more than 50 languages

ROI-40-to-1-system-Government-icon-Scriptura-300x300 - Scriptura Engage

From 13 systems used to 1

Want to know more about how we can help government organizations?

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Speed Up Digital Transformation

Create templates for every department or agency, and simultaneously deliver your message using print, SMS, email, the web, and other channels. Empower civil servants to create and deliver interactive, personalized communications across multiple channels, reducing IT reliance and increasing public trust and satisfaction in government.

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Increase Agility and Compliance

A central dashboard displays all relevant details and statistics concerning your communications. You can analyze citizen feedback to provide personal, and relevant information, and eliminate ineffective channels. Tracking gives you a powerful way to maintain regulatory compliance.

Leverage Legacy Systems

Scriptura Engage addresses the existing infrastructure issue by being cross-platform and using open standards. It is deployable in any IT environment and integrates with all software applications. Scriptura Engage can be introduced in stages, and it scales as the needs of your organization change.

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Sounds way too familiar? 
Maybe we can help. Let’s have a short talk to start with!

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A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

“Paper and digital documents for public housing.”

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Pensions Service

Customer Case

Read Customer Case

“Multilingual and fully digital pension communications.”

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2 Min Tour


Watch the Video

“Watch what Scriptura Engage can do for you in 2 mins.”

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Finances Service

Customer Case

Read the Customer Case

“Multichannel communications on a central output platform.”

Read Case Study
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Web Designer


Check out our leaflet

“Design responsive communications.”

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A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

“Digital communications for 1+ million self-employed citizens.”

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Agile CCM


Check out our e-Book

“A look at a day in the life with and without the flexibility of CCM platform.”

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A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

“Central communications platform across all business units for the national institute of health and disability insurance.”

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De Lijn

A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

“Providing accurate and up-to-date travel information for public transport.”

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A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

“Central communications patform for public transport documents.”

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Open standards


Check out our leaflet

“The business case for open standards.”

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Flemish Tax Service

A Happy Customer

A Happy Customer

“Interactive output creation on paper and digital for taxes and successions.”