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Mobile Communication

Boost customer experience by delivering interactive mobile communications without programming.

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Mobile Communication Solutions – It’s all about customer interaction

In most organizations, mobile communication is simply considered as sending a document to a tablet or smartphone. But in reality, your customers want to interact with the statements, bills and other communications from your company.

With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create a solution that enables organizations to leverage the possibilities of mobile devices, like embedding video, gps, drilling down to a specific transaction or capturing information electronic forms. This guarantees a rich user experience.

Create mobile communications 85% faster without programming

Mobile communications are created in a WYSIWYG design environment, without programming. This drastically reduces development time. These communications can be a standalone app or can be integrated into another app. Communications are available online or offline.

Deliver relevant correspondence

With graphics, color, business rules and dynamically populated charts, you will boost response rates. By adding targeted, personalized messages at run-time you ensure your mobile correspondence is relevant and up-to-date.

Improve efficiency with 80% by using your mobile app to capture data

Information needs to be captured and delivered to your organization all the time: coming from sales representatives, maintenance workers or your customers. By integrating electronic forms in your mobile app, users can easily provide your company with relevant data in an automated way. Data can be verified before it is inserted in your systems. Our customers reported an 80% increased efficiency by eliminating paper forms.

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Product Tour: Mobile interaction

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Showcase ‘Futura’ mobile application

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Mobile template design

Visual design environment to design mobile templates without programming

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Responsive design

Let your mobile communication adapt to dynamic content and different screen sizes

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Multilingual support

Manage different languages in the same mobile template

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Electronic forms on mobile devices

Capture information from your customers fast and easy

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Deliver an interactive experience

Embed multimedia, geolocation and other device-specific controls into your mobile communications

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Business rules and dynamic data

Make your mobile templates flexible and personal without programming

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Reusable objects

Reduce mobile template design and maintenance time by using objects in different templates

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Input data sources

Use data from any application in your mobile correspondence

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Text/SMS messages

Use text messaging as a low cost and efficient delivery channel

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Push notifications

Push personalized notifications to your client’s mobile device

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Social media integration

Send personalized messages to Twitter and Facebook

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Use a different variant of the same asset depending on date/time provided

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Cloud bases solutions

Easy access and deployment in your organization

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Content security

Secure your mobile communication and its data

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Multiplatform support

Deploy mobile communications to different platforms

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Enable mobile users to work offline

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Users and security

Manage users and make sure your mobile communications are secure

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Mobile Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrate your communications into your mobile application

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Electronic and digital signatures

Let customers sign a document on their device

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Larger platform

Mobile communications as part of your overall communications platform

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Release and asset management

Support for versioning, staging, collaboration and more

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Communication process design and integration

A visual interface to design and integrate communication processes

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