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Document Design & Generation

Reduce your templates by 70% and decrease time-to-market with a WYSIWYG environment to design communications without programming.

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Easy reporting and document generation

In most organizations contracts, statements, invoices and other communications are programmed, and this can take up to 4-6 weeks. Once completed, changes to the template need to pass through different cycles before being released into production.

With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an offering that is focused purely on document design and generation. This solution allows business users to efficiently design document templates, drastically reducing time-to-market. You can embed document generation into existing applications to deliver documents in various formats without programming.

Reduce template design times from weeks to hours without programming

A user-friendly environment that allows users to enjoy WYSIWYG document design capabilities makes it possible to design output templates without programming. Customers have reported template design times dropping from 6 weeks to only a couple of hours. Changes to the template can be made by business users, freeing up expensive IT resources. One of our customers reported an improvement from 84 man days to only a couple of minutes for changing 6 words in a template.

Personalized communications boost response rates

Document design and generation contains all the features needed to create a fully personalized customer experience. Users can see anticipated final views of a document while it is still being designed. With graphics, color, and dynamically populated charts, customers will respond faster and spend less time on the phone making basic inquiries about the communications you have sent them. By adding targeted, personalized messages to documents at run-time, the solution helps you create documents that are more relevant for your customer.

Less templates

Customers indicated that the total number of templates could be reduced with 70% by using the multilingual capabilities, reusable objects, dynamic objects and business rules. The ability to design templates once and produce communications in different output formats for different output channels also drastically brings down the number of templates an organization needs to manage.

Increase productivity by 50%

A powerful and intuitive user interface coupled with rich features enables firms to enjoy increased efficiency and performance. This in turn translates into better productivity. And enterprises that master how they can benefit from automation of document design and document generation processes ultimately benefit from better control.

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Product Tour: Multibranded and Multilingual templates

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Designing templates in WYSIWYG

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Template design

Visual design environment to design templates without programming

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Business rules and dynamic data

Make your templates flexible and personal without programming

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Larger platform

Document design and generation as part of your overall communications strategy

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Communication process design and integration

A visual interface to design and integrate communication processes

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Responsive design

Let your document adapt to dynamic content and different screen sizes

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Output testing

Check for changes between two versions

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Multilingual support

Manage different languages in the same template

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Reusable objects

Reduce template design and maintenance time by using objects in different templates

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Data transformations

Avoid documents with missing or erroneous data

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Apply different styles to the same template with ease

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Output formats

Create different output formats from one template

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Input data sources

Use data from any application in your templates

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Use a different variant of the same asset depending on date/time provided

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Release & asset management

Support for versioning, staging, collaboration and more

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