9 01, 2019

From XML to PDF without programming

Today, there is an increasing need to develop professional communications based upon dynamic format input and create professional output like PDF. That’s why Scriptura Engage is working on an easy and intuitive end-user focused solution, where the business user is in control.

26 09, 2018

Create personalized, responsive & interactive communications with Scriptura Web Designer: The Pension Certificate Story

If you want a customer to take action, you need to remove all friction. In this example, we show you a tax certificate in Belgium build with the Scriptura Web Designer. A digital experience that highlights the benefits of the fund.

16 05, 2018

Create personalised, responsive & interactive communications with Scriptura Web Designer: The Credit Card Application Story

Creating stunning, personalised, responsive and interactive communications is easier than ever for a business user without a background in web development or experience with HTML with the Scriptura Web Designer. Discover it with our Credit Card Application story, an example of a promotional bankmail.

18 09, 2017

Web Designer empowers Business Users at Belfius Bank

Olivier Onclin, COO at Belfius Bank, explains the importance of decreasing dependency on slow and complex IT release cycles by empowering the business to create efficient, customer-centric, and multichannel client communications.

2 05, 2017

Belfius Insurance boosts internal and external efficiency

Belfius Insurance, a large Belgian insurer, implemented a central communication center for an organization-wide, efficient and transparant document management solution, capable of fulfilling all customer needs.

28 04, 2017

Email Proofing with Scriptura Engage

Scriptura Engage Email Proofing is a cloud based service to test emails in different formats on different devices. By sending it to up to 40 different email clients and creating a screenshot of each, you get to view and review the email before you actually send it to your customers.

30 03, 2017

Acerta easily maintains more than 2.500 document templates

Acerta, a company specialized in HR services, shifted from paper to a digital platform for both online data capture and multichannel distribution of millions of documents in an efficient and easily manageable way.

30 03, 2017

Scriptura Engage: Provide your clients with the best Customer Experience

One way to grow market share is to use your customer communications as a differentiator to drive customer behaviour. Companies that offer a great customer experience generate 60% higher profits than their competitors.

4 01, 2017

Create output to mobile devices with Scriptura Engage Mobile

Communicating and interacting with your customers, is more than ever mobile. This video illustrates how you can use Scriptura Engage Mobile to drive down costs in creating and deploying output for mobile devices.

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