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How to communicate with your customers?

In this e-book, we discuss the different aspects of customer communications when you want to successfully reach out to your customers: what channels to use, what the customer expects and how to tune your communications, software and human resources.

Scriptura Engage Design Studio

That future is here. Design Studio is part of Scriptura Engage and includes all design and resource promotion functionalities, either running on-premise or in the cloud. Discover Scriptura Engage Design Studio in this leaflet.

From XML to PDF without programming

Today, there is an increasing need to develop professional communications based upon dynamic format input and create professional output like PDF. That’s why Scriptura Engage is working on an easy and intuitive end-user focused solution, where the business user is in control.

How to achieve good customer experience?

A closer look on how being customer central will help your organization to attract and keep customers by focusing on the CX falling points, the digital transformation… Reduce costs, deliver timely and no dependency on IT, well hello yes!

Email Proofing with Scriptura Engage

Scriptura Engage Email Proofing is a cloud based service to test emails in different formats on different devices. By sending it to up to 40 different email clients and creating a screenshot of each, you get to view and review the email before you actually send it to your customers.

How Customer Communications Management affects Business Agility

When it comes to communication solutions, agility and flexibility is crucial to let your employees do their job productively and efficiently. This e-book focusses on a day with and one without a customer communications platform, days that could sound familiar to you…

The 6 best tips for Customer Communications Management(CCM)

It’s important to engage with your customers because engaged customers are loyal, profitable and good advocates of the brand. Improving Customer Communications Management(CCM) is a key factor in this process and the 6 best tips are gathered in this market study to get the best out of your customers.

5 critical concepts to make document design more efficient

It’s important to engage with your customers because engaged customers are loyal, profitable and good advocates of the brand. Improving CCM is a key factor in this process and the 6 best tips are gathered in this market study to get the best out of your customers.

7 Secrets to improve customer communications

Customer communications evolve rapidly and having the right strategy and platforms in place, can improve your customer loyalty. After a study in the market we gathered 7 secrets allowing you to improve on customer communications, and differentiate you from the competition.

Discussion on the value of open standards!

Open a discussion on open standards in your organization, and you might be surprised where this dialog might take you! We started the discussion and discovered how open standards can improve your decisions and impact your business and wrote it down in this market study.

5 Critical Service Design Concepts

In the age of the customer, marketeers need to leverage market intelligence when designing new service concepts. We’ve highlighted 5 critical concepts to keep in mind when designing new service concepts in this market view.

Enhance your electronic forms with 10 tips

When providing a better customer experience and maximizing efficiency in electronic forms, don’t forget to get your hands on these 10 tips we gathered by studying our Scriptura Engage Forms Customers. Discover this invaluable resource!

Multichannel delivery with Scriptura Engage and Doccle Connect

With Doccle, you drive down the costs of delivering information, but have you ever thought about how much you could save on the document creation side? Provide your customers even more ways to receive your communications and improve your customer experience.

Scriptura Engage Electronic Forms

Stop providing your customer with forms to print and send back on paper, choose for electronic forms with Scriptura Engage. Discover more about designing, deploying, filling-out and managing electronic forms without depending on the IT department in this leaflet.

Scriptura Engage Interactive Document Assembly (LiveDocs)

Changing a paragraph or a small text in a communication often requires help from the IT department. With Scriptura Engage Interactive Document Assembly (LiveDocs)! you can enable employees to send out personalized communications in a controlled and secure environment.

Scriptura Engage Communication Center

Sending ‘a communication’ is more than just sending an email or a letter or a text message. It’s a complex process with lot’s of variables. Simplify this process with Scriptura Engage, a central communications hub with a 360° view on your customer correspondence.

5 ways to optimize customer communications

Get a view on how you can optimize customer experience by using Scriptura Engage, a customer communications management solution in this short vide. Take a tour and see how to achieve higher customer experience and loyalty with minimal modifications.

Engage your customer by simply using Electronic Forms

Nowadays, you want to be able to customize your product for your customer and personalize the communications they will get. How you can free up working time, receive valuable customer information and increase customer experience? The answer is Scriptura Engage Electronic Forms.

Communicate through your customers preferred channel(s)

With a more demanding customer and the amount of communication channels rising, you simply have to be multichannel. This demo video illustrates how Scriptura Egage enables you to automate all this correspondence and communicate on demand, no matter which channels your customers use.

Design interactive mobile communications without programming

Mobile is an essential element when engaging with customers. The possibilities however are often underused. Let us show you how you can create interactive graphical rich mobile communications in a WYSIWYG environment. No programming skills required.

Multi-branded and multi-lingual communications with just one template

Keep control over your multi-branded and multi-lingual communications and make them personal. Reduce template design times from weeks to hours without programming, but still show your dedication to your customers. Take a look at Scriptura Engage Document Design in this demonstration.

Randstad maximizes flexibility for multi-branded documents

Find out how Randstad, the second-largest multinational human resources consulting firm, installed a shared service center for multichannel output, capable of delivering personalized and branded communications to different internal Randstad partners.

Acerta simplifies administrative HR processes

A business case on how Acerta, a Belgian company specialized in HR services, managed to optimize and personalize their multilingual administrative processes with the right document solution.

Get full value from customer communications, meet Scriptura Engage 8.0

Scriptura Engage 8.0, a customer communication management solution with components to design, compose, deliver and analyze communications. Already confronted with the digital wave and a customer that became very selective and demanding in their communications? Meet Scriptura Engage 8.0.

Optimizing CX by multichannel delivery with Scriptura Engage

To have a delighted customer, you have to take care of your multichannel delivery. In this white paper, we take a closer look on how Scriptura Engage fulfills this multichannel approach and how it can help you improving CX and optimizing process efficiency.