Case study Belfius Insurance

How Belfius Insurance made the move to digital

Belfius Insurance sends out more than 15 million insurance communications a year, using different applications. Preparing offers and contracts was time-consuming, and business users had little flexibility, depending heavily on the ICT department to make changes. Because of a need to provide a better customer experience, the company decided to look for an alternative solution that would enable digital capabilities both on the legacy infrastructure and future applications.

Today, Scriptura Engage is used to create insurance communications for different applications and deliver them on paper and/or to digital channels. The simplified landscape allows more self-service, resulting in less ICT dependency. Business users have more flexibility and freedom, while the overall consistency of the documents is still protected.

With a calculated savings of 1 euro per document that is sent online and policies that are created 50% faster, the ROI took less than 12 months. Customer satisfaction rate is 95%.

Belfius_Insurance - Scriptura Engage