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Client onboarding

Tired of cumbersome sales cycles or onboarding phases? Get mobile! Imagine yourself face-to-face with a customer being able to share info, show product offerings, sign up digitally etc. You demonstrate up-to-date professionalism, save time, fuel and ink, offer a great experience. Client onboarding needs mobile enablement.

Customer Experience: Make a good start!

Organizations and people in general are constantly trying to be more efficient. Although a new purchasing contract remains a sensitive aspect in business, no one wants to lose too much time. But what hasn’t changed is the fact that the buyer eventually decides on an emotional level. What does the organization stand for? Can I trust this person? How easy will it be working with this company? Make a good start, use Scriptura Engage Mobile Capture for your client onboarding. Your sales cycle will become more efficient and cost less.

  • Capture data in qualitatively branded format
  • Always have all product and referral information at hand
  • Show statistics in appealing graphics
  • Reduce paper to a minimum
  • Onboard your client with digital signing

If you enable your customer-facing co-workers better, you increase the customer experience and you can acquire more customers with less effort.

Important Benefits with Scriptura Engage

  • Easy integration with running applications
  • Capability to follow up with multichannel communication
  • Offline and online usage
  • Integration with camera
  • Electronic forms in HTML5
  • Support for iOS and Android (and Windows integration if required)

Who can benefit from mobile client onboarding?

All sales people and other onboarding representatives in all industries: utilities, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, finance, telecommunications, … The entire organization, thanks to easy and efficient integration And most importantly, Your new customer!

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