Unleashing Digital Experience

Unleashing Digital Customer Experience

The goal of this two-day event is to bring together cross-industry innovation leaders to delve into the ever-changing world of digital customer experience. Customer Experience is constantly evolving as consumer habits continue to change. New ways of researching, the need for immediate access to information, and a constant use of available technologies mean customers expect more than ever. Companies must adjust their strategies in order to ensure an unforgettable customer experience. Consumers have unlimited information at their fingertips and more power than ever! It is crucial to develop new strategies in order to engage users, optimize interactions, and attract new consumers to your platform.

This summit will give your organization the necessary tools to implement a seamless, consistent and first-rate customer journey across all channels.

Points Of Discussion

  • Generating the right impact: which departments and expertise should be part of a customer experience department
  • Tools and methodologies for truly implementing a change in customer experience mindset
  • Embedding a customer experience mindset into digital teams
  • Connecting the offline and online customer experience
  • A siloed organisation: the best strategies to overcome internal barriers
  • Does digital transformation only work with a self-managed cross functional team, or are there other options
  • Generating better customer experience through agile processes
  • The digital dimension: do you embed digital into customer experience or vice versa?

Special Features

At this summit, senior-level executives will discuss problems and solutions for improving customer engagement; retention; expectations; and revenue through seamless digital technology operations. Join us to discuss and share your experiences with social networks; app design; chatbots; artificial intelligence; the Internet of Things; and delivering a flawless digital customer experience. Customers want to feel like they are interacting with a human being, even if they are not. Customer interaction should be effortless, authentic and user-friendly.