The Scriptura Engage team jumps in the air of hapiness

An unstoppable team

Our amazing software would not exist if it wasn’t for the great team that is presented to you below. These people have invested a lot of their time and passion into this amazing solution. It is because of them that we are able to form such strong and meaningful relationships with our customers and partners. Yes, we are proud!

Team picture of CEO Jim Verbist

Jim Verbist


Making a proven company grow further through strong relationships and partnerships.

Team picture of CTO David Geleyn

David Geleyn


Understanding clients’ needs and transforming those needs into innovative, flexible and future-proof solutions is what makes me tick.

Team picture of VP Johan Stessens

Johan Stessens

VP Professional Services *

Our Professional Services team turns licenses and software into systems that actually do the job. We make it run!

Team picture of VP Stef Devriese

Stef Devriese

Business Development Manager

Building partnerships with my customers and empowering people is my mission. Looking for the ultimate “Win” for every party.

Patrick Morren

Presales Manager *

Loves to show you what your document and communication solution could really look like

Thijs van den Brink

Channel Manager *

Together with our local business partners we can help and serve our end users globally in an excellent way.


Pauline Suy

Marcom Specialist

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”

Team picture of Anick Verstraeten

Anick Verstraeten

HR & Sales Officer

If you can put Boomers and Millennials together in the same place and with the right setting, it’s amazing how they spark each other

Profile Picture Kristoff Suy

Kristoff Suy

Project Manager

Believer of long-term relationships by looking at customers as being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Jan De Hertogh

Lead Product Consultant

Sharing my +30 years of IT knowledge with our partners and customers to get the best out of their Scriptura Engage investment.

Team picture of Thomas Truijen

Thomas Truijen

Product Consultant *

At your service!

Team picture of Christoph De Decker

Christophe De Decker

Lead Product Consultant

My goal is to tailor Scriptura Engage to every customer’s need to create their perfect output generation platform.

Team picture of Atheesan Morgesu

Atheesan Murgesu

Product Consultant

Eager to help our customers in enhancing their communication strategy using Scriptura.

Team picture of Jan Van den Driessche

Jan Van den Driessche

Product Consultant

With an eye for detail and broad knowledge of Scriptura I help your business with your customer communication requirements.

Wesley De Cock

Product Consultant

Helping businesses improve customer satisfaction through personalized communication.

Team picture of May Ling Sung

May Ling Sung

Legal & Finance Assistant

Everybody needs a sidekick, you name it and we roll at Scriptura Engage.

Team picture of Bert Vingerhoets

Bert Vingerhoets

Senior Product Developer

Multi-area specialist and general tinkerer.

Team picture of Steven Hendrickxs

Steven Hendrickx

Product Owner

To build software, it is not enough to simply write code.

Team picture of Pieter-Jan Pintens

Pieter-Jan Pintens

Product Developer

Creating innovative and customer friendly Scriptura and Scriptura cloud components.


Nico Brys

IT and Product Operations

Making sure our internal and cloud services runs better and better every single day.

Team picture of Stef Janssens

Stef Janssens

Product Developer

Product Developer creating everything faster and better.

Team picture of Bart Smets

Bart Smets

Senior Product Developer

First solve the problem, then write the code.

Team picture of Erik Vanherck

Erik Vanherck

Product Architect

Chief Architect and Agile Product Owner enabling creation of beautiful, usable, reliable, scalable and fast products.

Team picture of Nick Hofstede

Nick Hofstede

Research & Security Manager

Keeping your data safe and the service up

Team picture of Stefaan Truijen

Stefaan Truijen

Product Developer & Network Administrator

Implementing new features and fixing bugs to contribute to a highly performing, stable, and versatile software.

Team picture of Toon Wouters

Toon Wouters

Product Developer

Agile developer using the latest proven technologies to create durable, maintainable and high performing software.