23 12, 2019

Efficient and easy integration of payment solutions on electronic invoices

Consumers expect they can pay how they want wherever they want. This is also true for invoices. Where people used to receive bills in the mailbox, they now more often wish to receive and pay them digitally. In this brochure, we like to help you and give you some pointers on how to make use of new payment methods and how to create the user experience that makes paying bills easier and quicker.

15 07, 2019

How to communicate with your customers?

In this e-book, we discuss the different aspects of customer communications when you want to successfully reach out to your customers: what channels to use, what the customer expects and how to tune your communications, software and human resources.

17 06, 2019

Scriptura Engage Design Studio

That future is here. Design Studio is part of Scriptura Engage and includes all design and resource promotion functionalities, either running on-premise or in the cloud. Discover Scriptura Engage Design Studio in this leaflet.

12 06, 2019

Scriptura Engage 19.04 – Long Term Stable Release

What's new in Scriptura Engage 19.04? Get an overview of all of the features introduced in the newest long term stable release 19.04!

13 10, 2017

Automatically create beautiful documents from SAP

Make correspondence from ERP systems like SAP flexible, easy, more cost efficient and future-proof. In this paper we explain how to empower the business user to easily and quickly create and modify templates without programming.

22 05, 2017

How to achieve good customer experience?

A closer look on how being customer central will help your organization to attract and keep customers by focusing on the CX falling points, the digital transformation… Reduce costs, deliver timely and no dependency on IT, well hello yes!

30 03, 2017

How Customer Communications Management affects Business Agility

When it comes to communication solutions, agility and flexibility is crucial to let your employees do their job productively and efficiently. This e-book focusses on a day with and one without a customer communications platform, days that could sound familiar to you…

27 07, 2016

Get full value from customer communications, meet Scriptura Engage 8.0

Scriptura Engage 8.0, a customer communication management solution with components to design, compose, deliver and analyze communications. Already confronted with the digital wave and a customer that became very selective and demanding in their communications? Meet Scriptura Engage 8.0.

1 04, 2015

Optimizing CX by multichannel delivery with Scriptura Engage

To have a delighted customer, you have to take care of your multichannel delivery. In this white paper, we take a closer look on how Scriptura Engage fulfills this multichannel approach and how it can help you improving CX and optimizing process efficiency.

10 10, 2014

Getting CCM to work: Are you in control of your Customer Communications?

Based on in-depth research by Infotrends, this white paper is about how organizations can improve their customer communications practices by getting a good CCM to work. Climb to the next level in the CCM evolution process.

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