Inventive Designers uses third parties (subprocessors) to assist in providing our services.

All processing is governed by binding Data Processing Agreements to satisfy equivalent obligations as required from Inventive Designers.

When possible, we keep the provided data within the EEU. When this isn’t possible, we make sure there are appropriate safeguards in place.

The following is a list of subprocessors we might share personal data with. Not all Services we provide use all subprocessors.

Service Provider Service Location Purpose
Amazon Cloud, Software EU Infrastructure
Sumologic Cloud US Log Analysis
Papertrail Cloud, Software US Log Viewing
Google/Firebase Design Cloud US Database
Zendesk Support EU Database
Twilio Support US 24/7 voice calls
FullStory Support US Record User Sessions
Microsoft (Office 365) General EU Support, Communications
Google GSuite General EU Support, Communications
Dropbox General US Support
Salesforce Sales US CRM
Hubspot Website US Lead Generation
FormStack Website US Website Forms
DocSend Website US Marketing Resource Communication

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