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Standing out in a highly competitive sector like banking within today’s fast-moving economy requires responsibility, strategic thought and courage.
The way forward is to become really customer-centric. The customer has become more independent, articulate and demanding and wants a carefree yet dynamic banking journey.


Customer’s choice based on service rather than cost

Choosing a first bank or considering a switch often starts with financial arguments, but what eventually settles the matter is the connection the customer has with the bank’s brand:

  • How fast is their service? To what extent does my bank enable self-servicing?
  • How easy is it to find all the information I need?
  • How much time do I need to spend on administration?
  • How progressive is my bank in terms of new technologies?

It comes down to how serviceable a bank’s operations really are: fast, accurate, transparent, accessible, clear, pleasant. Information and documents should be offered and communicated without any distortion.

„Thanks to Scriptura Engage you can accelerate time-to-market and decrease operational cost at the same time.”

Documents, documents, documents

There’s quite a list of documents going around in banking: contracts, invoices, letters, quotes, loan applications, statements, financial products and funds … These documents do not endure errors, are subject to change and need to reach customers as soon as possible.
With Scriptura Engage a bank can handle and communicate these documents, complex or not, to today’s standards:

  • Fast document creation, modification and delivery
  • Digital archiving
  • Dynamic communications, reports and status updates, in text and graphics
  • Multichannel, multi-branded, multilingual customer communications
  • Digital signing

One Platform: each expert makes his contribution

With regard to financial documents, almost every department of a bank is involved: Legal, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, IT, Product Management, Customer Service, …
Collaboration can only be optimized if experts have access to the necessary tools to make their contribution. Optimization here means working more efficiently, faster and less costly.
Scriptura Engage offers one ‘all users’-friendly platform that deals with the entire document and communication process and thanks to the sophisticated document flows and approval flows your organization will manage to reassure quality and to reach customers at all times.

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„In 2015 researchers agreed that by 2020 75% of business would have made a strategic change to digital and warned that most probably only 30% of these attempts would succeed.”

Standardize, and create flexibility

Dismiss manual inefficiencies by creating templates with the Document Designer. One template for multiple brands in multiple languages. Guarantee your customer the accuracy they deserve.

Personalize, and maintain efficiency

With Interactive Document Assembly you can add a personal touch to your communications. You know your customer best and can honor their unique identity.

Digitalize, and guarantee accuracy

Give your customer the best online & mobile experience with our Multichannel Delivery: access to their contracts, interactive graphics, fund statistics and reports, anywhere & anytime. Thanks to the approval flows and alerts your communications will be accurate and secured.

„Today’s consumers highly value their digital image. They choose the bank that help them lift up that image.”

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