Customer & Service Communications in the blink of an eye!

Actionable? Dynamic? Multichannel? Individualized? … ?

How do you communicate as a business? How do you reach out to your customers? And what tools do you need to safely navigate through the labyrinth of individual customer needs and expectations that continue to grow more complex?

Getting the right communication at the right time via the right channel is more than ever essential in creating a connection with your customer. However, this is not easy to do and mistakes are easily made.

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Sounds familiar?

30% drop in customer retention due to low focus on customer experience & engagement

Reachability via multiple channels is one thing, but customers today also expect a seamless individual experience. They make no difference between marketing or service communications.

For example:

  • Are your service & marketing messages as beautiful, relevant and valuable as the communication afterwards like your invoices?
  • Are you using service communication to enforce customer loyalty with special offers?
  • Are you individualising customer service communication with relevant marketing information?

A perfect branding for each brand seems impossible

Multiple brands ask for multiple templates, each in multiple languages. Wether you operate in branches by country, work with regional agents or subsidiaries, or represent multiple brands, a unified platform is needed.

This platform will help you to:

  • Control branding and link marketing campaigns to every outgoing document. Specifically in a multi-brand environment.
  • Prevent the creation of new templates for the slightest difference or for additional languages.

Lack of an omni-channel approach lowers the go-to-market reaction speed by 277%

Missing out on the ability to engage with customers via different channels also means that you miss out on delivering the right personalised message, at the right time, via the appropriate channel.

We send out 25.000.000 multichannel communications yearly, and shifted to a digital-first approach for the distribution of service communications with our clients.

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How important is communicating in multiple languages?

In the past we have talked about delivering the right message at the right time via the right channel but a factor that many businesses often overlook, perhaps because it seems so self-evident, is the language in which they choose to communicate. The impact of language on the customer experience is often underestimated, it’s essential to create the right message.

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Unleash the power of dynamic transpromotional communications

In last week’s blog we talked about how combining transactional and promotional communications or ‘transpromo’ creates promising perspectives for businesses to reach out to customers. Today we’ll go beyond. When made interactive, transpromotional communications show their true potential.

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Why communication is critical in Customer Experience (CX)

Always, effective and powerful communication is foundational. If your company lacks this aspect, other aspects of your customer’s experience will not matter that much. Communication is the adhesive that makes sure your customer experiences never fall apart.

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