Unleashing Omnichannel Success
De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam
5 - 6 March

Unleashing Omnichannel Succes: Bring cross-industry leaders together to discuss key trends and innovation in an Omnichannel period

Bringing together cross-industry leaders is a good way to explore all Omnichannel aspects at the Unleashing Omnichannel Succes Event 2018. Problems that might arise when facing new e-commerce habits and what are the best solutions to solve them. The ever-evolving nature of digital technology has led to the emergence of platforms and tools which companies must employ to stay competitive. How customers needs are constantly increasing and why businesses must elaborate a new approach keeping up with their demands while maintaining the quality they expect.

Points of Discussion at the Unleashing Omnichannel Succes Event

  • Successfully incorporate all partners: Retail, Contact Centres, CRM, Big Data, Digital, and e-commerce in an OmniChannel project.
  • Using consumer data to market the right solutions and ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Harness the power of social media and personalization for better engagement and loyalty.
  • The growth of smart devices and connectivity resulting in changing consumer behavior.
  • Design and deliver marketing content across all channels.
  • Omnichannel & retail: an ever-growing partnership.
  • Envisioning strategic brand development overall touchpoints.
  • Learn about the new tools and the new platforms that are now in use (SMS, GPS, …).
  • Identify which channels or platforms work better depending on your company and the target.
  • Establish an effective strategy based on customer analysis.

Our Channel Manager, Thijs van den Brink, & Riko Tissen from our Business partner Harmony Group will represent Scriptura Engage at the Omnichannel Success Event. Say ‘hi’ when you meet him!

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You can find the agenda, more info about the speakers and the event on the website.

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