MarkLogic 360

MarkLogic 360 is the biggest community event of the year in Northern Europe where customers, partners, MarkLogic experts and everyone interested in the possibilities of MarkLogic are coming together.

  • Keynote customer speakers Thiery Vebr of OECD and Vinod Singh of Credit Suisse
  • Opening keynote presentation of MarkLogic CEO Gary Bloom
  • Dr Jan-Kees Schakel of Sensing Clues will share an update on their mission to turn wild spaces into safe havens with the help of technology such as MarkLogic
  • Breakout sessions with business partners UnifiedPost, Endava, Ordina, KPN & Smartlogic
  • Michel de Ru and James Kerr of MarkLogic will update you about all what’s new in MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0
  • Closing keynote speech of Carlo van de Weijer of TU/e
  • Visit the Zone to view real world cases live in action
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Data is the Oil for Effective Customer Engagement

David Geleyn, CTO from UnifiedPost, will give a presentation on June 20:

Customers live frentic lives. Maintaining relationships with organisations is obviously not their first concern. Who loves to spend time in a relationship with a bank, insurance company or energy provider? That’s why a relationship between a customer and an organisation has to be effortless and geared to face the customer challenges.

Customer Experience (CX) has gained momentum the last couple of years and the role of customer communications in CX may not be underestimated. Relevant, individually tailored communications, that make it easy to act, increase CX, brand image and ultimately customer loyalty. To realize such communications, access to data is imperative. In many organizations, that data is scattered across business units and different solutions. How do you turn that scattered data into consistent, relevant and valuable communications?

Join this session and find out!

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