Global Banking Innovation Forum 2019

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Global Banking Innovation Forum

In recent years banks have become complex financial organizations which offer a wide variety of products and services to their customers and manage huge numbers of transactions. Using the latest technologies banks are working to develop and offer fast, convenient and modern services whilst exploring new market opportunities.

Nowadays the banking sector is under constant pressure from various sources, including changes to the regulatory framework, new market participants, blockchain & cryptocurrencies, innovative and complicated technologies.

In the FinTech era, banks have to be innovative. They have to be new, have to be fresh. People are counting on that. And everyday customer expectations grow.

And that’s what makes 11th Global Banking Innovation Forum & EXPO a must-attend event for financial experts from all around the world.

The Forum will uncover the newest trends in banking, the most innovative and effective strategies for improving customer experience and optimizing internal banking processes.

World’s leading banks will share case studies of their transformational journey. Brightest minds of the banking industry will be discussing the future of the financial sector in Prague on 11th & 12th of April 2019.

Join us at this annual 2-days event with an audience of 500+ industry leaders, with a strong educational program, based on world’s top banks’ case studies, various networking opportunities: formal and informal, and an EXPO with world’s most innovative existing fintech solutions presented.


Together with our partner, Titio, we are happy to announce our presence at the Global Banking Innovation Forum. Titio is here more than 10 years. They are delivering their services not only in Europe, but in all countries of the world. Their customers are located in Europe, Asia or Africa as well. They know no borders because the software and hardware is working the same everywhere. And everywhere there are customers you need to communicate with.