Design Studio

Embrace the multichannel communication design experience of the future

Design Studio is part of Scriptura Engage and includes all design and resource promotion functionalities, either running on-premise or in the cloud.

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Web Designer

A  collaborative, easy-to-use, and flexible solution that empowers business users to design responsive digital communications.

Create brand-consistent multichannel output for email, PDF, SMS, push notifications or even in-app or online actionable communications, allowing viewers to click on items to consult information or take action like ordering a product or paying an invoice.

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Design studio helps non-technical users to operate independently from IT, boosting business empowerment and shortening your time-to-market.

Desktop Designer

A design application allowing business users to efficiently design complex document templates without programming

By virtue of the style definition, editor designers can more easily respect their brand’s look and feel as they compose templates using drag and drop functionalities and a variety of objects such as text, images, lines, bar codes, tables, charts and custom objects using XSL.

A template can pull data from one or more data sources such as XML, text or AS/400 spooled files. Advanced functionalities allow for managing and splitting content over multiple pages and defining page layouts, as well as support for paper trays and duplex when printing.

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