Creating output is not the strongest point of an ERP system

See yourself how your ERP data can generate beautiful documents? Convert XML to PDF without programming!


“Initializing service documents out of an ERP system is a nightmare!”

We want you to challenge us!

Easily combine different data sources

“We have a complex IT environment, maintaining all those output processes will always be time-consuming.”

It can be done differently!
  • Use different datasources within the same document or merge different documents from different systems.
  • Marketing changes your branding again? Change the styling of all your documents automatically at once in one central place.
  • Maintain communication transparency, even if several systems are responsible for initializing a print job or a sent email.

Personalized digital output

“Customer experience is mostly influenced by marketing and brand image.”

Absolutely! But there is more!
  • CX is crucial during every touchpoint of the customer journey.
  • Personalized documents need to be send at the right time, using the channel of choice.
  • Easily communicate with your clients in their native language with 1 simple template.
  • Automatically send emails or web communications with attachments.
  • Enforce a consistent corporate branding in every document or email.

Business user needed instead of a programmer

“In ERP systems, document creation is a complex struggle that requires the skill of a programmer.”

It doesn’t need to be like this!
  • business user truly understands the the service document. Give them the power to own it!
  • Faster responsiveness & time-to-market when change is needed.
  • Unburden the IT departement with template change requests.
  • Avoid staging. (programming-, testing- & deployment phases) It’s time and resource consuming.

Want to try it yourself?

Step 1

Gather your documents

You could gather invoices, picklists, customs/dispatch documents, transactional notifications, payslips, work statements etc.

Step 2

Describe your ideal situation

How would you like to see your documents? Provide us details about your ideal situation.

Step 3

Send it to us!

Send us the documents and we show you the magic! We’ll get back to you soon and show you your upgraded documents.


Scriptura solutions to create and manage customer communications for print, email, online, social, mobile or interactive.

Make ERP correspondence flexible, easy, more cost-efficient and future-proof.

The new strategy of customer centricity calls for an indistinct collaboration between marketing AND service communications. They both have to go hand in hand and enforce each other as one message to your customer.
They deserve personal & convenient communication. Even a document that only contains data and service information has to be clean and on brand. A clear and consistent message enforces the customer’s trust and eventually their loyalty.
That’s where data visualisation does the trick.

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Automatically create beautiful documents from SAP


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Easy & flexible document generation out of ERP


What could data visualisation mean in real-life?

  • Intuitively design your output with correct up-to-date data coming directly from your ERP system.
  • Incorporate multiple languages and brands in your templates to create a flexible and easy-to-maintain document creation process.
  • Your customer deserves clear and simple documents with all the relevant information in an easily interpretable format.

That’s the magic of data visualisation.

We truly understand the power of integrations