“Let business users collaborate while designing responsive communications in the cloud.”

Business User Empowerment

Marketing and other business users use the intuitive Web Designer to design brand consistent communications. Business is more independent of ICT for customer communications. This means a faster time-to-market.

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Cloud Based

Web Designer is cloud based, so there is no need to add anything to your existing infrastructure and it can be accessed from anywhere. And with on premise output, security policies aren’t compromised since you don’t have to worry about sending your sensitive data to the cloud. Nevertheless, you can easily integrate Web Designer with all your existing business systems.

Some of the Features of Web Designer

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Make communications responsive without programming.

Create business rules and conditions to make communications more personal and relevant.

Use customer data to populate data fields to personalize your communications and make them more relevant.

Collaborate with different users on the same template at the same time. Get real-time feedback between different users.

Web Designer is plugin ready, so you can easily add custom components for a customized experience.

Cloud based design and on premise output.

Want to see a demo of Web Designer?

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Better Customer Experience

Improve customer experience with responsive communications that automatically adapt to the device used for viewing the message. Personalize your communications and make them more relevant by using customer data and conditional logic.


ROI Results At Our Customers

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From 84 mandays to minutes to make template changes

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Reduce development time by 70%

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78% Less templates

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Communications in more than 50 languages

Want to know more about what we did at one of our customers?

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By collaborating on the same template, you can get real-time feedback between different, simultaneous editors. This improves time-to-market and makes your organization more agile.

Plug-in Ready

Web Designer is an extensible design environment. Organizations can extend the out-of-the-box functionalities by adding additional content types such as video, custom forms, and more, using HTML5. This feature can be used to guarantee brand consistency and to prevent customer confusion.

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