“Create and deploy intelligent online forms 80% faster without programming.”

No Programming

In most organizations, online forms are programmed and maintained by the IT department. By providing a visual design environment, business users can easily create and deploy online forms without programming. Forms can be designed using rich features including graphics, charts, business rules, multiple languages and much more.

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One Platform for All

Leverage online forms as an integral part of your communications strategy. A form can be easily integrated with your website and mobile apps. Once submitted, a form can trigger different actions, like sending a confirmation text message or displaying a document in a browser and mailing it to the customer.

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Some of the Features of Online Forms

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Multilingual support for your form templates.

Reduce form design and maintenance overhead by using reusable objects in multiple form templates.

Use form controls like drop down lists, radio buttons, check boxes, date/time, single/multi select, text areas, and more to design appealing online forms.

Validate the data entered by the user before it is submitted for processing.

Use business rules and dynamic data to make your form templates flexible and personal without programming.

Save your work in progress and finish later with the intermediate save option.

Want to see a demo of Online Forms?

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Effective Form Completion

How many times have you had to fill out a form that wasn’t relevant or where the information you needed to provide was already known to the company? Scriptura Engage Online Forms lets you create personalized forms with pre-populated fields. The electronic form can look different for every customer depending on the data already available, so the customer is not forced to enter redundant data.

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ROI Results At Our Customers

ROI-reduce-process-cycle-Financial-Services-Scriptura-1-300x300 - Scriptura Engage

Reduce process cycle times by 77%

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Payback period < 8 months


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Reduce development time by 70%

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Reduce forms related cost by 80%

Want to know more about what we did at one of our customers?

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Data Capture

The data captured through online forms needs to be made available in an easy to process format. Scriptura Engage delivers the data in an XML format that can be used directly to create other communications. It can also be stored easily for use in other business applications.

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Reduce Costs

A paper-based form costs about $7 to print, capture and process. Electronic forms are more secure, more accurate and far less expensive than their paper equivalent. On average an investment in electronic forms technology will pay for itself in as little as 8 months.

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