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Multichannel Delivery

Increase response rates by 65% by delivering communications to print, email, online, mobile, social media, text and other channels.

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Digital first

Customers want their communications delivered to their channel of preference, including online, print, email, mobile, sms (text), archive or social media. Companies that can use an omni-channel approach have reported a boost in response rates. With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an offering that automatically delivers correspondence to multiple channels and tracks channel feedback.

Scriptura Engage Multichannel Delivery is ‘digital first’, meaning it is focused on digital channels in the first place. It allows you to define different delivery scenarios based on business rules and customer preferences. It monitors feedback from all channels, like email delivery status and bounce handling, to verify whether a specific communication was delivered or not. This information is then used by the platform to decide the next-best action.

Reduce costs by 78% by the use of digital channels

By making use of cheaper digital channels, our customers have reported up to a 78% cost reduction in their delivery processes. They spend less on paper, printing, storage and postage costs. So, you can increase revenue while making your customers happy by delivering your communications to their preferred channels.

Deploy communications without programming

There is no need to program your multichannel strategy. Our intuitive design environment allows you to visually design the different delivery processes and fall back scenarios. You can easily add new delivery channels or make adjustment to existing output processes. You can also track every single communication and the system can use this feedback to automatically decide on the next-best action in case of failed delivery.

Deliver better customer experience

With our multichannel solution, an organization can fine-tune the delivery of every individual communication for every customer. By taking into account the preferences of each customer for each type of communication, you will deliver a better customer experience. And this will result in increased response rates and higher customer loyalty.

Increase brand value

No matter if you deliver correspondence to print, online, email or any other channel, you want the customer to perceive the same brand. You can standardize communications across all channels to provide a consistent look and feel. This will not only result in a better customer experience, but will increase your brand value too.

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Product Tour

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360° view on all communications

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Communication process design and integration

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Communication Schedules

Configure communication schedules with fallback options

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Archive delivery

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Print delivery

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Social media integration

Send personalized messages to Twitter and Facebook.

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Email Delivery

Create and send personalized emails to your customers

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Push notifications

Easily push personalized notifications to your client’s mobile device

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Email testing

Automatically test your emails in more than 60 different email clients

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Text/SMS messages

Use text messaging as a low cost and efficient delivery channel

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Preference management

Use the channels your customers prefer

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Response management

Track your customers’ response

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Larger platform

Multichannel delivery as part of a your overall communications strategy

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Berichtenbox delivery

Deliver correspondence to Berichtenbox.

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Doccle delivery

Deliver communications to Doccle

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