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Mobile template design


The powerful Scriptura Designer is used to design mobile templates. This is a visual design environment that contains all the features needed to create fully personalized mobile communications: images, tables, charts, lists, bar codes, reusable objects, object properties, date and time, currencies and more. Support for multiple languages, business rules, logic, data fields and variables will drastically reduce the number of templates that need to be created.

What can this do for you? A visual design environment like Scriptura Designer allows the designer of a mobile template to create a rich user experience without the need for programming. Special features are available to easily set up complex workflows from the initial contribution of mobile templates, reporting, and so much more.

Changes to the templates can be made by business users themselves, freeing up expensive IT resources. In fact, our own customers have reduced template design times from several weeks to just hours!

The Scriptura Engage Designer can also be used to design regular documents, electronic forms and configure output processes.


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