“Boost internal and external customer experience by delivering interactive mobile applications and sending clear mobile communications.”

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One Platform For All

Mobile is an essential part of an organization’s communications strategy. Scriptura Engage provides one platform that can be used to create and deliver all types of output for all channels. No more isolated siloes for different applications or different output channels.


Increase Productivity

Your organization is confronted by a continuous stream of data generated by sales reps, maintenance workers, and your customers. By integrating intelligent data capture in your mobile apps, the app users can easily and efficiently provide valuable data to your company. Our customers reported an 80% increased efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes allowing them to refocus on core tasks.

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Some of the Features of Mobile

Creation of mobile communications on a huge computer monitor, a white computer keyboard, a white computer mouse, a cup of coffee and different office supplies on the desk

Manage different languages, business rules, reusable objects and other rich features to build engaging mobile apps.

Push personalized notifications to the mobile devices of your coworkers and customers.

Enable your mobile communications to embrace dynamic content and auto-adapt to different devices using responsive design.

As a cloud based solution Scriptura Engage Mobile enables easy access and deployment in your organization. Working offline and synchronization when back online is fully supported.

Embed multimedia, geolocation and other device-specific controls in your mobile applications and communications.

All data delivered to or gathered on the mobile device is encrypted. The mobile communication can also be secured using a pincode and password.

Want to see a demo of Mobile?

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Drive Customer Engagement

Boost your response rates with graphics, targeted messages, and dynamic charts. Empower your sales reps and other business users with mobile apps that will make processes like client onboarding easier and more efficient.


ROI Results At Our Customers

Icon that represents the possibility to save money in less 6 months

Payback period < 6 months

Icon that represents the benefit of reducing development time by 70%

Reduce development time by 70%

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Customer satisfaction rate 95%

Icon that represents the increasing of back-office productivity by 50%

Back-office productivity up by 50%

Want to know more about what we did at one of our customers?

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Your mobile apps are part of different business processes. Scriptura Engage Mobile integrates with your legacy systems and can use data from any system in combination with data from any other system.

Responsive Design

Customers want to receive personalized communications and these messages should look good on all the devices used to read them. This needs to be reflected in the way these messages are designed. Your communication can look and behave differently for every customer depending on the data provided and the device used.

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