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Interactive Document Assembly

Boost customer response rates by personalizing standard communications in real time, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Interactive Document Assembly – When standard documents are not enough

In most organizations, customer-facing staff like sales agents, customer service representatives and helpdesk personnel needs to be able to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Communications need to reflect the context and outcomes of the customer interaction. In these situations, standard documents might not be flexible enough.
With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an interactive document assembly solution that helps business users to personalize standard one-on-one customer interactions, including quotes, proposals and onboarding kits.

Personalize without programming

An intuitive web-based document editing environment allows staff to make approved changes to standard communications without programming. Your staff has the flexibility to tailor communications by adding specific content, adding data, hiding certain paragraphs and more. Additional customer data can be captured through the use of input fields to make the customer experience even more relevant.

Stay in control

You want to give your business users the flexibility to customize certain communications while ensuring compliance. You can configure which elements of a communication can be modified and if such changes need to go through an approval process or not. This can be managed separately for different types of correspondence. That way, the organization is always in control of what is changed.

Reduce the learning curve for interactive deployments

The intelligent document editing environment guides business users through the process as it compiles and creates relevant documentation. The interface of the editing environment is very intuitive and fully configurable to your corporate brand. The interface can also be adapted to the language of the business user. This allows international organizations to provide the same functionalities to their teams in different countries.

As a result, the learning curve is reduced, and business users can quickly handle tasks that would typically need to be passed on to higher management levels, such as policy or plan changes.

Boost customer response rates and reduce incoming helpdesk calls

Organizations that use this solution have reported significant call time reduction by up to 25%. By adding targeted, personalized messages to documents at run-time, the solution helps you create documents that are easier for your customers to act upon and understand. With graphics, color, and dynamically populated charts, customers spend less time on the phone making basic inquiries.

And by providing communications in the native language of your customer they will respond more quickly to your messages. Completed documents can be delivered to multiple channels or can trigger a new communication process.

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Product Tour: Document Assembly Solution

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Split screen live preview

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Personalizing correspondence

Define text blocks, document types and other items to create a relevant customer experience

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Impact analysis

See what changes have been made to the standard communication

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Immediately see the impact of personalization efforts

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Stay in control

Approve communications before they are sent out

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Intermediate save

Save work in progress while waiting for input

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Authentication and authorization

Provide flexibility to your users while staying in control

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Easy to use

Web-based editing environment for business users

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Output formats

Create different output formats from one personalized correspondence

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Let users personalize communications in their own language but produce the actual output in the language of the customer

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Template design

Create the standard communication before it can be personalized

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Configurable & customizable

Adapt the interface to local language and comply with corporate brand

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Communication process design and integration

A visual interface to design and integrate communication processes

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Use a different variant of the same asset depending on date/time provided

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Release & asset management

Support for versioning, staging, collaboration and more

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Stand-alone or as part of other business applications

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Part of larger platform

Make interactive an integral part of your communications strategy

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