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Electronic Forms

Create and deploy intelligent electronic forms 80% faster without programming.

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Intelligent forms

A lot of organizations provide forms on their website that can be downloaded, filled in and sent back on paper. But customers like things that are easier, better and faster. They do not want to be bothered with filling out paper forms to provide information that in most cases is already known to your company or that is not relevant to their specific situation.

With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an offering that is focused on electronic forms. It enables companies to design and deploy intelligent electronic forms without programming

Turn your electronic forms into a differentiator

How many times have you had to fill out a form that wasn’t relevant or where the information you needed to provide was already known to the company that sent you the form in the first place? Make it easy to do business with you by using graphics, color, business rules and pre-populated fields to provide electronic forms that are personal, relevant and easy to understand.

Design electronic forms in a fraction of time without programming

Most electronic forms are programmed and maintained by the IT department. By providing a visual design environment, you can easily create and deploy electronic forms where no programming is needed. You can design forms using rich features including graphics, charts, business rules, multiple languages and much more. The look and feel of the electronic form can change depending on the data that is inserted by the user. Our customers reported that form creation time decreased from a couple of weeks to just hours.

Electronic forms as part of your multichannel strategy

Leverage electronic forms as an integral part of your communications strategy. A form can be integrated with your website or mobile app and once submitted, a form can trigger different actions, like sending a confirmation by text message or displaying a document in a browser and sending it to the customer.

Reduce 80% of the costs involved in forms creation and deployment

Research states that a paper-based form costs about $7 to print, capture and process. Electronic forms are more secure and accurate and far less expensive than paper. Research has shown that an investment in electronic forms technology will pay for itself in as little as 8 months.

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Product Tour

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Integrate forms into your business applications

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Electronic forms design

Use a visual environment to design electronic forms – no programming needed

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Reusable objects

Reduce forms design and maintenance time by using objects in different templates

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Multilingual support

Manage different languages in the same form template

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Business rules and dynamic data

Dynamically change the look-and-feel of an electronic form

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Use a different variant of the same electronic form or other asset depending on date/time provided

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Data capture

The data captured is provided as XML.

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Communication process design and integration

A visual interface to design and integrate communication processes

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Responsive design

Let your electronic form adapt to dynamic content and different screen sizes

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Larger platform

Electronic forms as part of a your overall communications strategy

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Integration and mobile support

Easy integration in your website or mobile application

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Release and asset management

Support for versioning, staging, collaboration and more

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Easily test your electronic forms

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Intermediate save

Save work in progress, finish later

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Input data sources

Use data from other applications in electronic forms

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Data validation

Capture correct and complete data the first time, every time

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Browser support

Support for all browsers with a 5% market share

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Prefill forms

Save your customer’s precious time

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