“Reduce your number of templates by 70% and decrease time-to-market with a WYSIWYG environment to design documents without programming.”

Increase Productivity

Desktop Designer is an intuitive and WYSIWYG design environment. It allows users to design output templates without programming. Customers have reported document design times dropping from 6 weeks to only a couple of hours. Changes to the template can be made by business users, without ICT involvement.

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Less Templates

Customers indicated that the total number of templates was reduced by 70% through the use of rich features like the multilingual capabilities, reusable objects, dynamic objects and business rules. The ability to design templates once and produce communications in different output formats for different channels also drastically brings down the number of templates an organization needs to manage.


Some of the Features of Desktop Designer

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One template supporting many languages.

Reduce template design and maintenance time by using reusable objects in multiple templates.

Apply different styles to the same template with ease.

Apply a different variant of the same template or asset depending on the date/time provided.

Use business rules and dynamic data to make your templates flexible and personal without programming.

Use data from any application and in any combination in your templates.

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Better Customer Experience

With graphics, color, and dynamically populated charts, your communications will be easier to read. By adding targeted, personalized messages to documents at run-time, they will become more relevant for your customers. They will respond faster and spend less time making basic inquiries about the communications you have sent them.


ROI Results At Our Customers

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From 84 mandays to minutes to change templates

Icon that represents the benefit of reducing development time by 70%

Reduce development time by 70%

Icon that represents the simplification of mail sending process by 78%

78% Less templates

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Communications in more than 50 languages

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Leverage Core Systems

Integrate and combine data from virtually any other system into your templates. You can add as many different data sources as needed. Data fields can be inserted into the template through simple point-and-click.

Design Once, Use Many

Design templates once and produce communications in different output formats for a variety of different channels including print, sms or text message, mobile, email, web, social and archive. By delivering communications over the preferred channel, you will drastically increase the customer experience.

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