“Automate document creation and execute output processes without programming.”

Visual Process Designer

An intuitive drag-and-drop design environment allows users to design output processes without programming. The design process covers all the steps from the initial process trigger, the reception of data, the merging of data and templates, and the post-processing to creating specific output streams for email, print, archive, SMS, online and such.

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Some of the Features of Process Automation

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Easily manage error and exception handling.

Use conditional processing based on business rules and runtime variables.

Integrate with 3rd party applications.

Execute post-processing activities like sorting, bundling, grouping, and more.

Compose output in different formats like PDF, PCL, AFP, HTML, JPG and many more.

Enrich data before final output delivery.

Want to see a demo of Process Automation?

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Flexible and Extensible

You can extend the out-of-the-box functionality by adding custom steps. You can also integrate 3rd party applications.

ROI Results At Our Customers

Icon that represents the benefit of reducing development time by 70%

Reduce development time by 70%

Icon that represents the increasing of back-office productivity by 50%

Back-office productivity up by 50%

Icon that represents the reducing of process cycle times by 77%

Reduce process cycle times by 77%

Icon that represents the possibility to reduce costs up to 80%

Cost reduction of 80%

Want to know more about what we did at one of our customers?

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Communication Schedules

Even the smallest hiccup can have a serious impact on your operations and customer experience. To handle this it is possible to configure and automatically execute fallback scenarios, like sending an invoice on paper when the email address provided is invalid.

Design Once, Use Many

Design templates once and produce communications in different output formats for a variety of different channels including print, sms or text message, mobile, email, web, social and archive. By delivering your communications over your customer’s preferred channel, you drastically increase the customer experience.

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