“A central communications hub to create, deliver and follow up customer communications for print, email, online, mobile, archive, social media or other channels.”

Digital First

Communication Center focuses on digital channels. It allows you to define different delivery scenarios based on business rules and preferences. It monitors feedback, like email delivery status and bounce handling, and decides on the next-best action based on customer preferences.

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No Programming

Communication Center is an enterprise-grade customer communications platform supporting complex, multichannel communication flows. It makes your communication processes fully transparent and recoverable, covering flow elements such as the data used and the customer behavior on reception. Every single communication can be tracked and tracking data can be used to decide on the next-best action in case of failed delivery for example.

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Some of the Features of Communication Center

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Create, test and send personalized emails, and track links to gather customer intelligence.

Easily push personalized notifications to your client’s mobile devices.

Use text messaging as an efficient delivery channel for personalized notices.

Deliver print output in different formats and optimized for batch printing processes.

Configure communication schedules with fallback options for intelligent communication processes.

A visual interface to design and create communications processes without programmingCloud based design and on premise output.

Want to see a demo of Communication Center?

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360° View

A central dashboard displays all relevant data, job details, and vital statistics. These data can be analyzed to provide relevant communications and eliminate ineffective channels. Tracking, combined with the ability to easily manage content and user access, gives you a powerful way to maintain regulatory compliance.

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ROI Results At Our Customers

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Savings of 1 € or 1$ for every communication delivered electronically

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Reduce development time by 70%

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80% Cost savings

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Payback period less than a year

Want to know how we helped Belfius Insurance make the shift to digital?

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Better Customer Experience

Fine-tune the delivery of every individual communication for every customer. By taking into account your customer’s preferences for each type of communication, you will deliver a better customer experience. This will result in increased response rates and higher customer loyalty.

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Easy Set Up

Communication Center is an out-of-the-box solution for multichannel communications management. It is extensible and customizable to exactly fit the fast changing needs of your organization.

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Sounds way too familiar? 
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