Customer Communication Management (CCM) Solutions

Enabling you to design output processes and keep track of the execution and delivery of every single communication:

Communication Center

Communication Center automatically delivers correspondence to multiple channels and tracks channel feedback.

Web Designer

Today, having collaboration, ease-of-use, and flexibility to empower business users to design responsive communications is a top priority for organizations.

Desktop Designer

Desktop Designer allows users to efficiently design complex document templates, drastically reducing time-to-market.

Process Automation

Scriptura Engage includes an intuitive and efficient process designer to create and manage your communication processes.


Scriptura Engage Interactive helps business users to personalize standard, one-on-one customer interactions.

Online Forms

Scriptura Engage enables companies to design and deploy intelligent online forms without programming.


The cloud is still evolving and the latest innovations are making business applications even more mobile and collaborative. See below for an overview of our cloud-based services.

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