23 12, 2019

Efficient and easy integration of payment solutions on electronic invoices

Consumers expect they can pay how they want wherever they want. This is also true for invoices. Where people used to receive bills in the mailbox, they now more often wish to receive and pay them digitally. In this brochure, we like to help you and give you some pointers on how to make use of new payment methods and how to create the user experience that makes paying bills easier and quicker.

15 07, 2019

How to communicate with your customers?

In this e-book, we discuss the different aspects of customer communications when you want to successfully reach out to your customers: what channels to use, what the customer expects and how to tune your communications, software and human resources.

9 01, 2019

From XML to PDF without programming

Today, there is an increasing need to develop professional communications based upon dynamic format input and create professional output like PDF. That’s why Scriptura Engage is working on an easy and intuitive end-user focused solution, where the business user is in control.

26 09, 2018

Create personalized, responsive & interactive communications with Scriptura Web Designer: The Pension Certificate Story

If you want a customer to take action, you need to remove all friction. In this example, we show you a tax certificate in Belgium build with the Scriptura Web Designer. A digital experience that highlights the benefits of the fund.

16 05, 2018

Create personalised, responsive & interactive communications with Scriptura Web Designer: The Credit Card Application Story

Creating stunning, personalised, responsive and interactive communications is easier than ever for a business user without a background in web development or experience with HTML with the Scriptura Web Designer. Discover it with our Credit Card Application story, an example of a promotional bankmail.

28 04, 2017

Email Proofing with Scriptura Engage

Scriptura Engage Email Proofing is a cloud based service to test emails in different formats on different devices. By sending it to up to 40 different email clients and creating a screenshot of each, you get to view and review the email before you actually send it to your customers.

28 04, 2017

Empower the business user with Scriptura Engage Web Designer

Today’s top priorities like an empowered business user, easy collaboration and a flexible design, are fulfilled with the Scriptura Engage Web Designer.

30 03, 2017

How Customer Communications Management affects Business Agility

When it comes to communication solutions, agility and flexibility is crucial to let your employees do their job productively and efficiently. This e-book focusses on a day with and one without a customer communications platform, days that could sound familiar to you…

4 01, 2017

The 6 best tips for Customer Communications Management(CCM)

It’s important to engage with your customers because engaged customers are loyal, profitable and good advocates of the brand. Improving Customer Communications Management(CCM) is a key factor in this process and the 6 best tips are gathered in this market study to get the best out of your customers.

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