Case study Mensura – Human Resources

No more paper for prevention consultants

Mensura is Belgium’s largest external service for prevention and protection at work with more than 55,000 clients. Different acquisitions and fusions resulted in huge ICT projects with a focus on consolidation and data migration. Years went by without room for innovation and ICT had not been aligned with business for many years. The ICT landscape was very fragmented. Software was selected for each project individually: e-invoicing, mobile app development, contracts etc. This resulted in inefficiency and overhead in costs and maintenance. ICT was increasingly viewed as a cost center.

There was especailly a lot of overhead in supporting prevention consultants. The admin people had to print out the consultants’ agendas and print out customer dossiers. This included information in different languages and all the lists of all the employees at a company. This paper information needed to be bundled and had to be handed over to the prevention consultant using different – and sometimes inefficient – ways. The consultant literally had a trunk full of documents. Not only was this preparation work not fulfilling for the admin team, it was also bad for Mensura’s brand image. Consultants received information that was not always up-to-date.

Mensura wanted to run the administration of the company visits fully digital. One digital application had to enable their prevention consultants to inform themselves and to simplify, speed up, and make their administration paperless. .

The implementation of a centralized communication platform to support customer communications resulted in cost savings and a less complex ICT landscape. Output functionalities are integrated into the different business applications. The volume of printed output will gradually decrease and be replaced by other communication channels, like mobile, email, portal and others. All this still honoring the customers’ communication preferences.

The consultant now can visit his customer with only an iPad instead of a whole trunk full of paper. No more paper is involved and information is directly and automatically linked to the core business systems. This drastically reduces the risk of errors in conveying information to internal systems. The application is currently used by 40 people at Mensura. When migrating other output applications to the central communications platform, the savings will grow.

Full customer case available soon

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