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Clear and digital customer interactions form the basics for a happy customer journey in the new age.

Janssen creates complex dynamic reports simple and fast

A business case about Janssen Diagnostic, a global healthcare partner, explaining the major value of simplifying a complex process for the creation of dynamic reports using an advanced document designing solution.

By |December 12th, 2016|Business Case|

IAK offers a fully digital and automated healthcare policy

The business case clarifies how IAK Insurance created the first legally compliant, fully digital healthcare policy in the Netherlands with an automated document solution avoiding unnecessary printing and reducing operating costs by simplifying internal processes.

FPS Finance delivers multichannel government communications

A business case on how FPS Finance, the Belgian public finance institution, rebuild their complex document processes to a central multichannel output platform creating and distributing a mix of documents to all Belgian citizens.

Colt manages multi-brand communication with one single automated communication process

A business case explaining how Colt, a multinational telecom services provider, easily manages and automates their multilingual, multi-brand document processes across Europe with dynamical content for localized and personalized communication.

Belfius centralized their entire communication process

A business case on how Belfius, a large Belgian bank, integrated a single centralized communication process in their complex IT infrastructure, both improving customer experience and simplifying the organizational structure.

Randstad maximizes flexibility for multi-branded documents

Find out how Randstad, the second-largest multinational human resources consulting firm, installed a shared service center for multichannel output, capable of delivering personalized and branded communications to different internal Randstad partners.

Acerta simplifies administrative HR processes

A business case on how Acerta, a Belgian company specialized in HR services, managed to optimize and personalize their multilingual administrative processes with the right document solution.

Proximus shifts from paper to digital communication

Find out how Proximus, a large telecommunications company in Belgium, managed to digitalize the client onboarding for their “on the road” sales force and the automation of the subsequent communication streams.

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