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Clear and digital customer interactions form the basics for a happy customer journey in the new age.

From XML to PDF without programming

Today, there is an increasing need to develop professional communications based upon dynamic format input and create professional output like PDF. That’s why Scriptura Engage is working on an easy and intuitive end-user focused solution, where the business user is in control.

Novatio simplifies designing complex product catalogues

A business case on how Novatio, a Belgian manufacturer of construction materials, simplified the design of personalized product catalogues, labels, etc. by streamlining all output processes into one tool with a flexible design engine.

Nike automates warehouse logistics with flexible labeling

Find out how Nike ELC, responsible for Nike's transport and logistics operations in Europe, handles different suppliers complex demands for strictly regulated labeling while keeping the existing underlying environment.

Belfius Insurance makes “digital first” their top priority

A business case about Belfius Insurance becoming "digital first" by aggregating all its outdated applications to one modern document solution empowering the business user and saving costs while improving the overall customer experience.

Suncorp Group wins efficiency and saves costs

A business case on how Suncorp, one of the largest financial services companies in Australia, uses one efficient central output platform for all multichannel service communication increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

NCCW combined extended functionality in just one centralized platform

NCCW, a Dutch software company for housing corporations, integrated a document solution capable of extreme personalization and high performance document generation allowing their customers to contact their clients fast and in a professional manner.

Menzis switched to a multichannel communication platform

The business case of Menzis, one of the largest healthcare insurers in the Netherlands, explains how they managed their digital transformation and automation challenges by shifting to one single output platform.

Lombard International produces business smart, online forms

Lombard International's business case illustrates how a large international assurance company uses business smart, online forms to simplify and automatically trigger business processes for capturing data and eventually generating output.

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