Two months ago our VP Marketing Geert Fransen talked about transpromotional communications 5.0 and the power of dynamic customer communications that remain consistent throughout the customer journey.

With actionable customer communications, you enable your audience to take action directly from within the communication itself, like drilling down, getting additional information, filling in questionnaires or browsing through a catalog. In this blog, we will go deeper into what actionable communications are, what their impact is and why they are an important tool to increase customer engagement.

Context-aware communications

Actionable communications take personalisation to the next level as they allow you to bring together disparate pieces of information and deliver content that’s not only tailored to the customer viewing the communication but also to his location and the moment on which it’s presented, for example showing the closest shop or displaying different information depending on how the customer interacted with the document before. As such actionable communications allow for more relevant customer communications, boosting customer engagement, customer retention and brand loyalty in the process.

Action from within the communication

Actionable communications present information to the customer in an interactive, consistent and easy to digest manner without the need to switch to a different website. By virtue of an embedded pay button, questionnaire or form in the communication your customers can complete the tasks you ask him from within the communication itself. As such they allow for higher response rates and lower the effort on the customer side.

This increases the chance that he completes the task immediately instead of postponing it or forgetting about it all together. Also, the amount of support calls decreases due to the more intuitive and comprehensive presentation of the information. As a result, you as a business can collect revenues or information faster, and more importantly, your customers enjoy a much better experience as they don’t need to keep track of the tasks they still need to complete.

Always up-to-date

Some types of information such as weather forecasts, short term promotions, conversion rates change frequently or are not available when communications are generated. As actionable digital communications can be updated when opened, the customer can rest assured that all the information, shown in a comprehensive and appealing manner, is new. When the user isn’t online when viewing the document, the latest known information can be displayed and the customer can be informed that he might be viewing possibly out-dated information.

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