In last week’s blog we talked about how combining transactional and promotional communications or ‘transpromo’ creates promising perspectives for businesses to reach out to customers. Today we’ll go beyond. When made interactive, transpromotional communications show their true potential. By combining transactional and promotional content within actionable communications, the possibilities for the receiver suddenly manifold as he can pick, chose, consult, review or buy what he or she wants or needs. This is transactional communications 5.0 and the future of digital customer engagement.

Communication 1.0

But first let’s recapitulate. Up to this day, most businesses are still trying to make the most out of good old fashioned email marketing. Communications 1.0 as we could say. But why? Marketing emails so often end up in spam folders or are deleted without even being opened. The receiver doesn’t feel valued.

Now imagine your recent energy invoice. However dull it is, the recipient will still take the time to read it closely so he or she gets all the details right when making the payment. As there aren’t any businesses who make money without billing their customers, why don’t more of them take the opportunity to sell more?

Communications 3.0

Transactional communications such as invoices and tax certificates have a conversion ratio of almost 100%, because they hold information crucial for the receiver. This creates an ideal platform for cross- and/or up-selling. Transpromotional communications are very cost-efficient as well and can be strategically planned and timed depending on the individual recipients’ profile.

Again, why have so few businesses tapped into the potential of transpromotional communications? Because many companies are still working in silo’s: HR, sales, marketing … They all have their specific tasks and rely on the IT department to make sure they have the different softwares to do so. But combining transactional and promotional communications requires business and marketing teams to work together.

Inventive Designers’ Scriptura Web Designer makes this an issue of the past. The UI-friendly tool allows business and marketing teams without any web development skills to operate independently from IT, and create invoices such as the one below. Notice the content below promoting a new flavor. The sales department has the data on what the specific customer usually orders, how much and when. Why not coordinate with marketing and entice him to try something new with content tuned to his individual needs? This is customer communications 3.0 at its finest.

Communication 5.0: Interactive and consistent communications

But what the Scriptura Web Designer also does, is allow businesses to create dynamic and interactive customer communications consistent throughout the customer journey. Post-purchase service communications such as bills often don’t look the part. They are generated through legacy back office systems, and as a result, don’t have the same ‘persuasive’ style created by marketing for pre-purchase communications such as brochures and fancy tv ads. When you aim for customer loyalty and customer retention, this is a real no-go.

The Scriptura Web Designer allows business users to create consistent transpromotional customer communications across all touchpoints. Take this digital invoice for a coffee order for example. This is a far cry from the boring paper invoices so many customers still receive today. The customer can check his profile and previous orders as well as decide more easily on orders he will place in the future, based on the promotional content added for up-selling purposes. Furthermore the ‘Send Email’ and ‘Call us’ options and

Jef’s picture and individualized messaging close the gap between company and customer to make the latter feel valued and respected.

Freedom for the receiver

Customers expect individualized content poured into a frictionless customer journey, where they can find everything they need without having to switch browsers, download a file or scan another. By delivering interactive communications, you can provide individualized content and create freedom for the receiver to check what he feels like. Combine this with the extremely high conversion rate of transactional communications and you have got a customer communications power house: transactional communications 5.0.

Just like this interactive Energia Dynamic DocumentEnergia invoice. The customer can easily click through, swap between gas and electricity overviews, go back in time to check previous deposits and consult infographics on his consumption and information on different products and services. All from within the same dynamic communication. Because it’s easy and frictionless the drop out rate will remain low. The communication provides everything the customer may look for. And more. The communication includes promotional content to suggest other products or services he or she might be interested in.

In short, through actionable transpromotional communications the possibilities are endless for the customer, while company-side the marketing team is ensured the promotional content reaches the receiver. As such the Scriptura Web Designer opens the doors towards transactional communications 5.0 and a whole new level of customer engagement.