We all have read these stories or seen them on TV: Men madly in love and blinded by romance skillfully ruining the biggest moments of their lives. While one is turned down by his girlfriend in a packed football stadium, another one sees his life savings go down the drain as he gets on one knee only to drop the ring in the sewer. And then there’s the guy who cleverly hides the ring in the dessert only to see his darling swallow it whole or almost choke on the diamond.

Marriage proposals are surely tough, but more importantly, they are an example of how we go out on a limb to impress our significant others. In customer communications this is no different. Every touchpoint is an opportunity, a moment to shine and sway the customer to say “I do”. And just like that guy jumping out of an airplane with roses and ring in hand, customer communications are about knowing how to reach out to catch the interest and attention of the customers you want to spend the rest of your days with (and how not to).

But all businesses confident in your customer engagement skills, beware, for there is a new guy on the block. He’s called ‘transpromo’ and ready to sweep your customers off their feet. In this week’s blog we’ll talk about how, when used correctly, transactional and promotional communications are a match made in heaven.

What is transpromo?

Transpromo is the coming together of the words transactional and promotional, also linguistically referred to as a ‘portmanteau’. It’s the smart tactic of adding relevant promotions to otherwise dry transactional communications to create an opportunity for cross- and/or up-selling. Marketing emails too often get lost in spam folders or are deleted even without being read. The conversation ratio is quite low and even 30% of customers reading the email would be a very good score.

But how many people open and read their bills? Almost 100%. They do so unhappily of course, but they read them nonetheless. That’s because transactional communications hold crucial information and thus the receiver will examine the document closely, for a longer period of time or even multiple times (when opening, when discussing, when paying …). So why not take the opportunity here to do some up- or cross-selling and include an interesting promotion? The promotion will without a doubt catch the reader’s eye.

Take a look at the invoice from the coffee brand below. As is the case for many businesses, paying bills goes hand in hand with placing new orders. Isn’t this the perfect moment to suggest trying something new? Adding another coffee taste as promotional content will often do the job!

Or take this Union Creditbank credit card statement. Notice the up-selling advert below? If your customer uses his credit card a lot, why not suggest an upgrade? While he can spend more, the bank profits from a higher subscription fee.

The benefits of transpromo

Today transpromo is a world of opportunity and its horizons are still mostly undiscovered. Marketing possibilities are endless, with great prospects in store for the businesses who venture out to explore them. Besides the guarantee that the promotional content will get the receiver’s attention, transpromotional have yet some other advantages.

Transpromotional communications are cost efficient as they hook into on-going email marketing. Extra costs, for example for paper, become redundant. Also promotional communications can be strategically planned and timed depending on the individual recipients, their profession, location or hobbies. As such you can boost relevance and tune your communications to customer needs and expectations more efficiently.

Transactional communications 5.0

As you can see, tapping into the possibilities of transpromotional communications, creates entirely new perspectives for marketing teams to engage with customers and get the most out of every touchpoint. However, these transactional communications 2.0 are but a stepping stone. In next week’s blog we’ll talk about how making transpromotional content actionable, opens the doors towards transactional communications 5.0 and a whole new level of customer engagement. And Inventive Designers have just the right tools to make this happen.


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