I’m very pleased to announce the general availability of Scriptura Engage 19.04, a long term stable release. With this new release, organisations will be able to put business users in control of the content of customer communications, removing the dependency on IT and lowering the time-to-market of changes. Also, this release brings digital communication to a whole new level with interactive actionable communications. And last but not least, the acquisition by UnifiedPost has given us access to delivery and payment capabilities that we now have integrated within Scriptura Engage. Curious to know more? Keep on reading!

Why Scriptura 19.04?

Everything happens for a reason, right? So why are we releasing Scriptura Engage with the specific set of new capabilities that are listed further on?

The Customer holds all the cards

Modern communications are not about the digital possibilities but about the customer. More than ever he understands that he is in control and holds all the cards. Customers are independent, assertive, experience-oriented, empowered and always online benefiting from the easy-to-use digital solutions provided by technology-driven companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Uber to face their challenges. As a result, their expectations have changed and their loyalty doesn’t come for free. Communications, and especially actionable communications, can play an important role to meet your customers’ expectations.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is inevitable. In the end, it will redefine how organisations do business and engage with customers, providing a customer journey that’s more user-friendly, efficient and effortless. The speed of change is increasing and organisations digitize clients, markets, data, and processes as they ride the crest of a new wave of technology. Scriptura Engage provides a wide range of communication possibilities, that support the transformation to digital. From traditional communications (like printed documents) over digital communications (like email) all the way towards fully interactive actionable communications.

Operational excellence

Organizations are in constant pursuit of operational excellence. Updated communication strategies, content design and communication flows must allow for a faster time-to-market. And as they look to outsource activities which are not helping them to differentiate, the demand for hosting, installing and updating software and SaaS, in general, is ever increasing. That’s why the Scriptura Engage design environment, Design Studio, is becoming available in the cloud.

What’s new in Scriptura Engage 19.04?

Since the introduction of Scriptura Engage 18.04, the previous long term stable release, the following capabilities have been added:

  • Resource Promotion in the Design StudioResource Promotion allows template designers and business users to take control and push changes all the way to production in a simple non technical way, independently from IT. Business users are empowered to react to the market faster than ever.
  • Desktop Designer Link with Design Studio: Scriptura Engage Desktop Designer provides two-way synchronization with Resource Promotion, such that templates and their related assets can be managed and promoted in the same way as Web Designer templates and other cloud-native resources.

  • Actionable Communications in the Design Studio: Unlike traditional communications, Actionable Communications present customers with relevantinteractiveeasy to explore and real time up to date communications that do not stop at simply providing information. It calls for action directly from the communication and allows the dialogue to continue. Let customers conveniently pay directly or let them explore promotions without leaving the same screen.
  • PDF Output with Web Designer of Design Studio: While digital communications provide new opportunities, paper communications are here to stay for a while. Web Designer adds support for PDF design, besides the existing web, email and actionable communications output targets. Use PDF output for printing and digital communications. Template designers can use the same design tool for both digital and non-digital communications
  • Single Sign-On in Design Studio: Federation with Azure from Microsoft provides simplified, secured identity federation and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Besides simplifying and centralising user management, Design Studio users do not need a separate login, but can use their familiar company username and password to access all applications of the Design Studio.
  • Platform Update: Scriptura Engage Long Term Stable has been updated to support the latest operating systems, databases and browsers, ensuring it can continue to run in modern environments for years to come while keeping the platform up-to-date with security requirements.
  • OpenJDK 8 Support: Oracle’s change in licensing may be a hurdle to continue using Oracle Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Scriptura Engage Long Term Stable provides the option to run on OpenJDK 8 JVM. Scriptura uses Amazon Corretto 8 JVM as reference. Amazon Corretto is a no-cost, production-ready, Amazon-supported distribution of OpenJDK.
  • PDF Output Generation Document Flow Step: Integrate PDF output from Web Designer templates directly in Document Flows with the familiar and updated Web Designer Output Document Flow step.
  • UP Delivery Document Flow Steps: Document Flow designers can seamlessly integrate with UnifiedPosts’ various delivery services. Use Document Flow for example to deliver PDFs to AdminBox, while levering services such as archive, payment or signing with eID or Itsme without any extra effort.
  • UP Payment Document Flow Steps: Document Flow designers can seamlessly integrate with UnifiedPosts’ Online Collect Services (OCS). Use Document Flow to register payments via OCS. Provide customers with E-mail Communications, Actionable Communications, or other channels, with payment status and pay actions conveniently integrated.
  • Native Datamatrix and QR codes in ZPL : Scriptura Engage adds native rendering of Datamatrix and QR codes to the Zebra Printing Language (ZPL) output format, popular in labeling applications.
  • Custom LiveDocs Markup: LiveDocs allows more flexibility in the layout of the edited paragraphs. Further tailor communications created by LiveDocs to your company and customers needs.
  • Improved LiveDocs Table Editing: LiveDocs allows easier editing of tables now. The user experience of adding and removing rows and columns while editing your documents has improved significantly.
We invite you to upgrade today! If you need assistance to understand the impact of an upgrade in your specific environment or you want us to help you migrate your Scriptura Engage software, please feel free to contact us!