How do you communicate as a business? How do you reach out to your customers? And what tools do you need to safely navigate through the labyrinth of individual customer needs and expectations that continue to grow more complex?

In the past we already discussed several crucial elements that you have to take into account when communicating with your customers. But fortunately, using the right customer communications management (CCM) tool will take you a long way in achieving these aspects that we will pick up again in this week’s blog. Also, the reduced overhead, lower maintenance, and efficiency in workload from using a CCM platform help ensure your company is aligned to be a step ahead of your competition when it comes to customer retention and attracting new customers. But first, how do you communicate with your customers?

Choose the right channel

Digital today is the obvious choice for a lot of businesses with email being the go-to channel. It’s cost effective, efficient and immediate and there are many possibilities for personalisation. But nonetheless, print still holds its own. The response rates to direct mail remain very high and also, direct mail lingers much longer in households than any other form of communication. The key here is to mix it up and combine both channels for maximum results.

Using the right CCM tool allows you to integrate any possible channel and thus enables you to generate communications and send these out via the channel of your individual customers’ choice. This ability to deliver to multiple communication channels efficiently and effectively results in happy and loyal customers.

Invest time and effort in individualised communications

But start with understanding the specific needs and behaviour of your customers so you can deliver relevant individualised communications. And when you do, do so at the right time. If not, you frustrate your customers and push them away. Individualisation requires a lot of effort but it’s what customers have come to expect.

A CCM tool allows you to integrate and aggregate customer data to compose individualised communications in the blink of an eye and provides a way to manage these communications, keep them relevant, and deliver them how and when the customer wants. This improves the customer experience and drives loyalty, which in turn boosts revenue growth.

Give your customers control

The modern customer is assertive, experience-oriented and constantly in interaction. He wants control and losing this control means losing interest. To suit his whims you must first measure and analyze his expectations. In your communications, include options and create the freedom to explore the info your customers need to make them feel in control of their customer journey.

A CCM tool gives you a 360 overview of all communications which have been sent to the customers across the entire customer journey, which enables you to adjust each and every one to suit their needs and give or retake control of what they can do.

Reach out with transpromotional communications

How often do you delete promotional emails without even opening them? As opposed to these commercial emails transactional communications such as bills therefore have a conversion ratio of almost 100%. That’s because they hold crucial information, which makes these communications perfect for up- or cross-selling purposes. This smart strategy is known as transpromo, short for transpromotional communications.

The best CCM tools are above all else very UI-friendly, which empowers business users without any web development skills and allows them and marketing teams to operate independently from IT and create transpromotional and actionable communications. The possibilities become endless for the customer, while the marketing team is ensured the promotional content reaches the receiver.

There is little question that customer communications management software gives you the ability to communicate with your customers in the way that they have come to expect.

Scriptura Engage, Inventive Designers’ very own CCM platform allows you to create the kind of great customer experience that drives growth. Your business users are empowered to easily create, customise, personalise, and deliver timely, relevant customer communications.