The wave of technological revolutions and digital opportunities is gaining momentum and all modern companies and organizations must try to surf it. Some digital laggards fail to catch this wave all together, other companies are having a hard time to stay on their feet, and some digital champions are speeding ahead as they surf the crest towards the sunny beach of digital maturity.

In the race that is digital transformation it can be a real help to know exactly where you find yourself. Are you lagging behind? Are you digitally maturing and ahead of the pack? How digital and interactive are your customer communications? Do you know?

In this week’s blog we discuss digital maturity and help you find out how mature your business is in terms of your customer communications.

What is digital maturity?

Digital maturity is largely determined by the level in which a company succeeds to adapt to the digital environment. But it’s more than simply implementing new technologies in order to meet digital expectations and there is no finish line. It’s an ongoing process that continues as new digital revolutions are introduced. According to a study by MIT SMR and Deloitte companies who are maturing digitally achieve more by focussing on collaborationinnovation and talent.

Why is it important?

The gap between digital champions and laggards is widening but every company can take certain measures to take that next digital step forward. Is that really so important you might ask? Yes. Increased digital maturity most definitely gives a competitive edge. Going digital helps speed up your time to market and enhances cost efficiency.

Also, investing in digital talent results in higher-quality digital products. And lastly, more digitally mature companies perform better in terms of customer satisfaction. They can improve digital customer journeys and focus far more on the personalization of customer communications and the dynamic interaction with the individual customer.

Fulfilling customer needs

The Digital Transformation Index by Dell Technologies and Intel from end 2018 shows that a lot of companies in Belgium are lagging behind. Belgium hosts only a handful of digitally progressive companies. Only 3% percent are digital leaders and 15% are digital adopters. These are companies who have invested in digital initiatives and can present a mature digital plan. The majority invests in few to none digital initiatives. Four in ten Belgian CEOs fear that in five years time their organisations will not be able to fulfill their customer needs.

How mature is your organization? Take the test!

According to consultancy agency Humix the majority of Belgian companies does gather data but only seldom converts these into insights. They know how many people visit their website, how many likes their Facebook page gets … But they can’t explain why. Can you?

Or to put it another way: Do you know how digital your customer communications are? If you don’t, we have developed a quick scan to help you find out. In four simple steps we guide you through a series of questions that help us determine your level of digital maturity when it comes to your customer communications. In about five minutes you will get an understanding of in terms digital maturity and what aspects you need to improve. Eager to boost your digital communication transformation? Try our scan now!