Design Studio empowers people in your business to create communications. That’s great. However, work does not end with creating templates for communications. Those awesome creations and changes still need to be made available live. Typically, a process largely controlled by IT.

The Resource Promotion capabilities of Design Studio put those same business users in control, and allow them to push changes all the way into production in a controlled manner, independent from IT. With more independence and less hoops to jump, business is given the power to react to customer’s needs or changes in the market faster and put those communications to work as soon as possible.

Test, accept, go live!

Resource Promotion allows you to help you organise your work using tasks. With tasks you group your changes into a single item, which in turn can be reviewed and accepted to be promoted to the next environment.

Resource Promotion, as part of the Design Studio, allows to defining any number of environments matching with the needs of your business or company. Typical environments are WorkTestAcceptance and, Production. Some recognise this as a DTAP street. Many variations are possible. Some of our users have many environments, others are limited to 3-4. Feeling much trust? Setup only 2 environments, and go from Work to Production in one step.

Multiple users can collaborate on single tasks. Templates and other assets used for communications are also automatically versioned via tasks. Discover the history of changes and have the ability to revert to any version at any time.

Tasks can be reviewed, accepted and promoted to the next environment. They can be introduced as Temporary (Hot) Fixes. Tasks can also be rejected or completely aborted.

Why Resource Promotion?

The Resource Promotion capabilities put business users in control, and allow them to push changes all the way into production.

Resource Promotion provides an easy to use tool, by providing a simple workflow. We deliberately and thoughtfully choose to avoid some advanced features known from more technical oriented or IT-born solutions such as TeamCity, SVN or Git, while making sure we have the essentials presented in an accessible way. In this way, Resource Promotion is more powerful for business. It introduces easy to use and understand concepts such as Task but also explicitly a Temporary (Hot) Fix. Additionally, Resource Promotion keeps users informed and works to avoid conflicting situations.

Resource Promotion is also made easy as it deeply and seamlessly integrates into Design Studio and its Web Designer.

Beyond Design Studio

Users of Desktop Designer can also make use of the advantages of Resource Promotion by linking the Desktop Designer workspaces to environments in the Design Studio in the cloud. Templates and other assets are synchronised between cloud and on-premise in both ways. Use Design Studio to define the tasks, accept and promote them, and eventually put the changes part of that task live into production.

In summary

  • Define tasks to organise new communication templates and changes
  • Collaborate on tasks
  • Keep multiple versions of templates and related assets
  • Configure multiple deployment environments
  • Accept and promote tasks through environments, f.e. testing, acceptance, production, …
  • Deploy changes to the runtime environment
  • Deeply integrated into Design Studio and Web Designer
  • Usable with existing projects in Scriptura Desktop Designer