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Dynamic communications

Our vision is that Dynamic communications are of added value in a portal or mobile app in order to share the detailed information in a secure way.

What’s the ultimate difference with Static Communications?

Both types of communications are still produced and distributed. The key difference basically lies in the possibility for the user to drill-down in the document and for the provider to follow-up and analyze user behavior.

Dynamic Communications can be compared with infographics in the sense that high-level information is shared in numbers, graphics, tables and text. The big difference is that if the user wants more in-depth information, they can drill-down to find the specific information he needs.

What are the benefits?

The ability to provide dynamic communications serves Customer Experience and Customer Engagement with minimal effort but a big impact. Customer-centricity is achieved because the communications are interactive, personalized, secure, easily accessed and customizable.

  • You can offer your customer a lot of information in a compact way
  • Even complex information can be made accessible and understandable
  • You enable your customer to find personalized information
  • The communications can be made available via a portal or a mobile solution
  • Interactive communications demonstrate your organization’s dynamics
  • There’s no irritation anymore caused by ‘another piece of paper’ or ‘another download’

What can it be used for?

  • Status reports of all types
  • Bank statements
  • Energy consumption
  • Phone consumption
  • Claim file follow-up

It allows customers to easily find the info they need, to compare statistics over different timeframes, etc. and ultimately to act on the information shared.

Who can benefit from Dynamic Communications?

Each and every organization that wants to offer rich information in a smart way and that puts its customer first.

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